Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of FAQ’s you might have about my art and this site.  If you have questions beyond what is listed, feel free to fill out the contact page below with your question or comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

How did you get started in the arts?

I think I have almost always had an interest in arts and crafts my whole life.  It had never occurred to me to take a formal art class or to major in it.  It was actually a personal crisis that helped me see that I am in fact an artist.  After a few months of doing pieces of art working through a difficult time, I continued to do more art.  I consider it a lifesaver.

Although I have never taken a formal art course, I have had the opportunity to learn a few art related business ideas through the Internet, one of which was coming upon an instructor based in San Francisco by the name of Ann Rae.  While I have not yet taken any of her courses called The Semester, I was able to take part in her free Saturday webinars where I learned some basics.  I found her to be helpful.  One of the things I learned was the importance of having a mission statement.

My mission statement:

My mission is to serve God and express my faith through my art in order to share my personal walk with the Lord and encourage fellow believers and disciples in this ever changing world.

What is Mixed Media Art?

Mixed media can be two or three dimensional, and includes more than one type of physical material.  The imagination is limitless when it comes to this category.  Much of my work follows this definition of mixed media.  I have also made pieces of work that was only one medium, like with my Encaustics.

With that definition, I have worked with encaustics (wax), acrylics, oils, papers in a kind of decoupage, watecolors and watercolor elements such as Fabre-Castell gelato sticks.  I am continually experimenting with new ideas and products.

How is my art related to mixed media scrapbooking?

I have had at least one inquiry about my work having a scrapbook kind of feeling.  That is probably because style-wise my art is influenced by my scrapbooking ventures.  My journey in the scrapbooking world started in 2000.  I eventually went from doing traditional scrapbook pages (using photos as focal points) to discovering what was being coined as ‘mixed media scrapbooking’ where others used these skills to create not only pages but memory books, tags and more.  These were inspirations to me as I went from scrapbooking about people and events to scrapbooking pages about ideas.  Finally one day I took some birthday money and bought my first set of canvases.  As I experimented with applying my artistic knowledge to canvas what I had previously used on scrapbook papers, I began to see think of myself not simply as a crafter, but as an artist.  To pull it all together I would think of myself as an Inspirational Mixed Media Artist.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My creative style is influenced by the scrapbooking world.  My subject matter is often influenced by my faith in Christ.  In fact I view my artistic skills and interest as a spiritual gift, called craftsmanship, which is most often referenced in the Old Testament.

What is the Spiritual Gift of Craftsmanship?

The following is a definition of Craftsmanship/Artistry given by The Synod Resource Center:

The gift of Craftsmanship and artistry: the special ability to forward God’s kingdom through creative skills such as carpentry, drama, graphic arts, painting and sculpting.  This gift provides the believer with the skill of creating artistic expressions that produce a spiritual response of strength and inspiration.

Although not specifically listed as a gift in the New Testament in the long list that Paul provides, clearly God has gifted individuals with remarkable craftsmanship and artistic skills from the earliest of recorded time.  Old testament references give vivid accounts of God’s distribution of giftedness in these areas – whether for the building of temples or for use to glorify God in praise.

There are really two aspects of this giftedness: inspiration and skill.  A person with this gift will probably have a ‘creative bent’ and enjoy innovating, designing, and making new things – this will seem quite natural.  But also the gift may manifest itself in fine skilled craftsmanship that one might find in such areas as embroidery, furniture making, or cabinetry. When these abilities and skills are directed toward forwarding God’s cause, they fulfill their purpose as a spiritual gift.

How do I take care of my new artwork? (Care Instructions)

Keep the artwork out of direct sunlight.  This is particularly important with encaustic artwork.  These paintings (encaustics) are extremely archival, but with any fine art, care should be given to them.  There should be no fear of the work melting in normal household conditions.  The wax and resin will not melt unless exposed to temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Leaving a painting in a car on a hot day would not be advisable or hanging a painting in front of a window with direct desert-like sun.  They are also sensitive to freezing cold temperatures.

Some encaustic colors tend to “bloom” or become cloudy over time.  If your painting appears indistinct, simply rub the surface with a soft cloth or nylon stocking.  Over time the surface retains its gloss as the wax medium continues to cure and harden for up to 1 to 3 years.

What is my general pricing?

I price approximately to size. These are approximate and do not include tax or shipping and handling. Right now I sell original artwork through my Etsy shop.  I will be putting more on in time.

  • 18×24 is $210
  • 20×20 is $200
  • 16×20 is $180
  • 12×12 is $90
  • 6×6 is $35
  • 3×3 is $15

Do you create art on commission?

Yes, I have and do.  If you are interested in having me create a special piece of art for you on commission, be aware that commissioning art is very different from purchasing completed art. People who get the most enjoyment from art they commission keep several general factors in mind:

  • Make sure your ideas and design match the style of the artist you are commissioning.  Based on this, when you consider commissioning me to create art for you, look over my website or storefront to determine whether the art you invision matches my artwork style.
  • Be comfortable with the knowledge that your design will transform into something new.  By definition, an artist creates unique art; if you have something very specific in mind, you might be happier working with a general fabricator. (This is true of the commissioned art I have done.  While I have worked with customers to understand the design they have in mind, the final piece reflects my own unique interpretation.)
  • Be aware that it is very time consuming for an artist to create new artwork based on someone else’s ideas, so you will pay more for commissioned art than art designed and completed solely by the artist. For this reason I will not take less than 30% more the original price of my usual artworks.  I will also require 50% of the new price up front to start.

If you are still interested in having me do a commissioned artwork, please let me know via the Contact Form below.

Where else and in what manner do you sell your work?

Soon I plan to put some of my images up on Saatchi, utilizing their Open Editions section.  I am also looking into having canvas prints made as well.  Other plans include making art books available, both in a coffee table edition as well as digital.  I will also continue to look at different companies in regard to leasing my images specifically with them.

You may also find my artwork on Social Media via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I currently sell my originals through Etsy.